Donna Kohler

Realtor & Creative Dreamer

I'm a curious person and always examine how things are made. Doing things myself brings great satisfaction.

Besides sewing and miscellaneous crafts I've done woodworking, silversmith jewelry, bread making, antique sewing machine restoring, and writing.

My favorite quote is by George Bernard Shaw, "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

So, I create, play often, enjoy my castle shed, and having tea time with friends.

Donna Kohler in studio working on copper finial for castle shed.


In the studio working on copper finial for the castle shed.

My castle shed, designed after the Amersfoort Koopelpoort.

Castle Shed

In September 2014 I made a small Foamcore model of the shed I wanted in the back yard. My husband and I built it ourselves, often with much struggle, we are not builders. It is designed to remind me of the Amersfoort Koppelpoort water gate built in the 1400s in Holland. Interior lights and the outside torch lights are solar powered so every evening it is lit. We enjoy the view much more than the fence and a few bushes.